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"I agree with all your points. :) As a consultant, I find that there are those that see a consultant as someone trying to replace them and others that use it a an opportunity to grow. Typically a consultant has experience from other organizations that can help to avoid various issues with products and processes. If the company is open to discussion, the projects run very well, if not, then you are almost certain to fail. Another big concern I have as a consultant is the lack of documentation that previous consultants leave for the full time staff. This leads to all kinds of issues for future upgrades or changes needed to the environment. I hate doing documentation, but I know that it is a requirement for me to provide to my clients and I have had really good feedback on the documentation that I have provided. " Read more
by Martin on When IT Consulting Makes Sense

"Nice write-up. The class you speak of is $3,995 and it is a good class. I know Richard personally. I have been negotiating schedules for over 26 years and have been on numerous beta teams at GSA to help develop what we see today. A GSA fact is that over 79% of self-submissions are rejected. Do you do your own taxes? Do you do your own legal work? This is the reason we exist, to help companies get started in the government. Ask Michael Dell, Yahoo, Hyundai, Airbus. They came to us because we are the oldest and only Veteran owned company providing this service. I welcome a discussion." Read more
by Michael Price on How to Get Your Product on the GSA Schedule

"Second! Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)" Read more
by Kelley Burian on Branding Your Business


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My Desperate Need for a Content Marketing Calendar

Posted by: Nate Bauer on 9/20/2012

I continue to plead my case for increasing quality content marketing and decreasing, well, almost everything else. But with the increase in content comes a pervasive need to get organized, and quickly.

It was once manageable when all I needed to concern myself with were a few case studies, a version update here and there, and maybe a new product description now and then. But now, with three products instead of one, two blogs, a newsletter, and countless email campaigns, I am starting to feel the chaotic crush of disorganized asset management.

That’s why I am in the process of adjusting my mindset and approach to content management, and have begun to think of it more like a publisher would an editorial calendar. We have been tracking what assets we have and when they were created, but unfortunately haven’t made the leap to not only planning future content across the board, but mapping content on a calendar.

I was most recently inspired to finish this project soon by the fine folks at Duct Tape Marketing and John Jantsch’s recent blog post Why Your Email Marketing Needs an Editorial Calendar. It definitely reinforced the need to plan not just my major assets, but particularly my email marketing plans across all channels and for all campaigns.

Our organization contains a monstrous editorial team of two, so the effectiveness of Duct Tape Marketing’s Google Calendar idea may be limited, but I found structuring my calendar based on some of the ideas (particularly 2. Organizing the Calendar) in this Copyblogger post extremely helpful, and you might as well.

Are you finding yourself struggling to manage your increased content as I am? What does your content calendar look like?

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