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The best way to determine how much time and money the UIU will save you is to try it yourself. Please select below the the version of the UIU that you would like to trial. 

We look forward to hearing what you think, and let us know how we can help.

Already a UIU Customer?

If you are an existing UIU customer and would like to download the most recent version of the UIU, you'll want to go here instead. 

You'll need your username and password from your UIU License Certificate to log in. 

The UIU 5

The new UIU 5 works with WindowsPE-based deployment solutions to detect and stage drivers from a UIU Repository stored on a network share.

UIU 5 Trial

SCCM plug-in

The UIU plug-in for SCCM fully-integrates the UIU and UIU Driver Database with your SCCM environment.

SCCM plug-in Trial

MDT plug-in

The UIU plug-in for MDT fully-integrates the UIU and UIU Driver Database with your MDT environment.

MDT plug-in Trial

UIU Classic Mode

Recommended for Linux-based imaging solutions, the UIU Classic Mode helps you create a master image that includes the UIU Driver Database.

UIU Classic Mode Trial

Not sure which to choose?

  • If you know and love the UIU 4.x, or use an imaging solution that is not WinPE-based (like Clonezilla), select “UIU Classic Mode”.
  • If you’re using an OSD Task Sequence within Microsoft System Center, choose “SCCM plug-in”.
  • If you’re using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for OS deployments, choose “MDT plug-in”.
  • If you’re using any other imaging solution based in WindowsPE, choose “UIU 5”.

Still not sure? Click here to learn more about each version. 

One last thing—UIU Support is awesome, so call us with questions.

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