Support Policy

UIU Support Hours

UIU Support hours from Developer, Big Bang LLC, are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Central. UIU Support hours are subject to change. Check our Support Request page for holidays.
Please complete all form fields to expedite response to your inquiry.

UIU Supported Hardware

Any business-class PC machines and OEM hardware or "white-box" hardware containing only business-class components will be supported.
All supported hardware must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • The PC must be ACPI Compliant
  • The PC must contain at least 4.5GB of free hard drive space
  • The PC hardware must meet MS requirements for applicable OS

Note: Any BBLLC-produced list of supported hardware may not be complete and is subject to OEM-produced hardware without change or exception. (We try to stay on top of all the latest hardware and chipsets, but occasionally we don't find out about the new stuff until it is released OEM)

Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 7 (Professional or Enterprise) 32-bit and 64-bit (upon request)
  • Windows 10 (Professional or Enterprise) 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 11 (Professional or Enterprise)
  • A back-up image of the Base machine or Base Image (as defined in the UIU Setup Guide)
  • Submission of log file information as requested by UIU Support personnel
  • The UIU is not designed to image Windows Server. (No technical support.)
  • The UIU is not designed to function with RAID based systems. (No technical support.)
  • A UIU image created will not be compatible with older, non-ACPI compliant (Standard PC) systems.
  • Deployment from a SCSI based system to an IDE/ATA/PATA/SATA system may fail. Support only for migrating to non-RAID SCSI from an IDE/ATA/PATA/SATA system.

The UIU Support Policy is subject to change without notice, but, if we do make changes, we'll try to let everyone know as soon as possible.

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