UIU 5 Install Guide

NOTE: This document is for use with the UIU 5, versions 5.6.x.x and newer. If documentation for UIU 5.5.x.x (and older versions) are required, please use the following link: UIU 5.5.x User Guide (deprecated)

Section 1: Change Control Information - UIU (and newer)

As of UIU, the UIU 5 product no longer performs a traditional software installation. The UIU 5 may now be initiated on supported hardware as a free-standing application.
  • The UIU 5 does not modify or otherwise interfere with WDS or any other PXE/Boot process. Troubleshooting PXE/Boot load issues is the customer’s responsibility.
  • The UIU 5 application, will make changes to the registry of the Admin Machine (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Big Bang > UIU) in order to save previously entered settings.
  • Log files for the UIU 5 will be stored local to the Admin Machine at %OSPART%\ProgramData\UIU.

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Section 2: System Requirements

  • Admin Machine operating system must be Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or Windows Server 2008, 2012 (or newer)
  • .NET 4.6 runtime (or newer) – Required for installation - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 (Offline Installer)
  • UIU 5 License Key (This can be found on your license certificate) – Required for installation
  • Administrator level access to the UIU Repository Directory, UNC path share with 30Gb free space minimum
  • 1Gb free hard drive space on the Admin Machine
  • Network connectivity for all target PCs to the UIU Repository – Required for deployment with UIU 5 in Online mode
  • Microsoft Windows Automated Deployment Kit (WADK): Requires at least Deployment Tools & Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) components for any UIU 5 solutions that build Windows PE environments. Note that the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) is offered as a separate executable/download as of Windows 10 (1903).

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Section 3: Support Requirements

  • Fully-functioning Deployment Solution, independent of the UIU (unless UIU/ADK options are utilized!)
  • Fully-functioning network infrastructure, including network share, (as UNC), and connectivity to that share from all target PCs

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Section 4: Usage Restrictions


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Section 5: Permissions and Download Information

  • Permissions are controlled by the environment and must be set with visibility to the UIU Repository directory/share
  • The UIU 5 may be downloaded from Big Bang LLC’s website

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Section 6: Initiating the UIU 5

The following files are required to initiate the UIU 5: UIU (and newer)
  • uiu5.exe
  • Driver.imp (e.g. DB170411-p5460.imp) - Required for offline UIU Repository population
  • Confirm that all prerequisites necessary for the UIU 5 to function are installed. (See Section 2)
Execute “uiu5.exe” to initiate the Universal Imaging Utility v5 (UIU 5).

Licensing & EULA

Review the License Agreement as delivered with the UIU 5 license key.

Enter UIU 5 product License Key

uiu 5 licensing

Click “I Agree” to proceed

Establishing the UIU Repository

Select the UNC Path to be used for the new UIU Repository Directory (or if joining an existing UIU Repository, select the UNC path where it already exists). When creating the share (UNC), be sure to apply "Read" and "Change" permissions for the appropriate user to ensure proper installation.

The UIU Repository houses the executables and driver files required for operation. Additionally, the UNC path chosen should be accessible by all PCs that you intend to image in conjunction with the UIU. If accessing this location requires Credentials in order to access, please enter them on this screen.

Click “Change Repository” to select the existing Repository directory

uiu 5 repository location


Populate the UIU Repository
The first two methods describe how to populate a newly-created UIU Repository. The third item describes an instance wherein a populated UIU Repository already exists.

uiu56 repository management

  1. Update Repository - (Recommended for high-bandwidth connections)

    Select the following options (at least)
    • UIU Components
    • Driver Database
    • Driver Files
  2. Select 'Update Repository' to initiate the UIU repository download.


  3. Import Repository - (For environments with slow or no Internet access)

  4. This method requires the downloaded Driver.IMP file.

    The UIU 5 may be downloaded from Big Bang LLC’s website. Select the button below Driver Database Files, labeled "UIU 5 Live (or Trial) DB Files".

    • Extract the IMP file from the downloaded ZIP file and copy it to a directory on the UIU 5 Admin Machine, accessible to the UIU 5 Console Application.
    • Select "Import Repository" on the Repository screen of the UIU 5 Console application.
    • Browse to the location where the IMP file was saved to begin importing the contents of the IMP file into the UIU Repository.


  5. Connect to Existing Repository - (For current UIU 5 users)

  6. Select 'Change Repository' and enter the path and credentials of the existing UIU Repository.

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Section 7: UIU 5 Trial Product Installation

The UIU 5 Trial product installation is very similar to the Live product installation with the following notable exceptions:

  • A Trial background will be displayed on machines deployed using the UIU 5 Trial
  • Machines deployed using the UIU 5 Trial will timeout (and render inoperable) the deployed operating system after the trial period

The TRIAL version of the UIU 5 should be installed and run in a TEST ENVIRONMENT!

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Section 8: UIU 5 File Structure

The following files will be installed on the Admin Machine:
Default directory: C:\Program Files\UIU



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Section 9: Un-installing the UIU 5

As the UIU 5 - UIU (and newer) is no longer a traditionally installed software application, there is no uninstallation. Simply delete the uiu5.exe from the Admin Machine. Optionally, the UIU-related log files (%OSPART%\ProgramData\UIU) and the UIU registry sub-key may be removed as well, (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Big Bang > UIU). The established UIU Repository share may be deleted if it is no longer in use.

Alternatively, if the UIU 5.6.x product was obtained as an online update to a previous version of the UIU 5, (e.g., the file structure and registry sub-key from the previous installation would still exist and may be utilized to uninstall/cleanup remaining files. The UIU 5 may be uninstalled from Control Panel>Programs and Features>Universal Imaging Utility 5 and will completely remove all functional components of the software. The only exception may be folders that contain log files (e.g. C:\Program Files\UIU\UIULog.htm) which remain on the system. It should be noted that pre-requisite applications (e.g. Microsoft Windows ADK) installed via the UIU 5 Installation will not be uninstalled with the UIU 5. Also, in this circumstance, an option to remove the previously installed UIU Repository is offered. Care should be taken before selecting the checkbox in the event that multiple UIU 5 applications are configured to use the same UIU Repository!

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