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Hardware-Independent OS deployment with Dell KACE

Utilizing the Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance to deploy Windows operating systems images gives admins a fully integrated systems provisioning solution.

The challenge with deploying an OS to disparate hardware still always comes down to device driver management. While KACE offers features like computer scanning and assessment, managing the unique drivers for each existing recipient machine, let alone new machines, is still a cumbersome process.

Below is a solution for deploying a single OS image with the Dell KACE K2000 Deployment appliance to any laptop or desktop regardless of manufacturer or model when used in conjunction with the Universal Imaging Utility.

1.    Create an Active Directory Domain Service Account for use with the UIU.
2.    Create a Repository Folder that is a Share on a Server that will be accessible or on   
       the Same Subnet as the KACE Server where you are deploying the images.
  • For Example: \\Server. Domain.com\Repository
  • This is a Folder on the Server and is shared with the name Repository.
  • Add the Above Active Directory Domain Service Account to the Security of the Repository Share with Read and Write Rights.
Once the Domain Account is created, the Shared Doled is created and the Folder rights are assigned, open the Dell KACE Web Console of your Appliance.

3.    Install the UIU 5 using the Domain Service Account and shared Repository folder.
4.    Open the WEB interface of the Dell KACE Appliance and Login

5.    Click on the Library Tab

6.    Click on the Postinstallation Tasks Tab

7.    Click on the Choose Action… Drop Down and select Add New BAT Script…

8.    Provide the Mid-Level Task with a Name, be sure to select the Runtime Environment:  
       K2000 Boot Environment (Windows), then enter the following two command Lines   
        under BAT Script: and enter a description in the Notes: field and click on the Save

Command Line 1:  Net Use \\Server.Domain.com\Repository /user: Domain\DomainServiceAccount Password

Command Line 2:  \\Server. Domain.com\Repository\x86\uiuprep.exe -run -license UIU Product Key

Reminder: Substitute real values for Server, Domain, Account, Password and UIU Product Key

Once the Mid-Level Task is saved, add it to your Deployment Package

9.    Click on the Deployments tab and choose the desired Deployment Package

10.    Scroll down to the Mid-Level Tasks, grab the UIU Task and drag it under the Run
         Mid-Level Tasks field.
Please note:  When you hover over and grab the task to drop it, your cursor will turn 
into a cross arrow as shown.

11.    Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Save Button

When the KACE deployment task sequence is executed, the OS will be deployed and the mid-level task(s) will invoke the UIU to perform its driver servicing operations and facilitate the staging of only the drivers required for each affected machine.

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