Release Notes - UIU Plug-ins 2.0 with SCCM - Executables Update Only Bookmark

April 30, 2020 - RELEASE

Includes UIU plug-in for SCCM version
Includes UIUPrep version

Known Issue: Command Line Interface Updating issue

When using the CLI feature of the UIUPM application to perform updates against a repository, the updates may not complete fully.

Development to alleviate this issue is ongoing.



Known Issue: UIU integration with SCCM Provider-Independent Sites



UIUPM behavior will stall at "Refreshing" when selecting the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager option under the Microsoft menu.


On a dedicated Provider, the operations framework is not installed when performing an install operation.

These instances currently require a manual installation process. Contact UIU Support for details. Development for a resolution is ongoing.



Issue: MMC snap-in error with UIU integration



When integrated with the UIU, the Microsoft Management Console snap-in fails in error after selecting OK or APPLY in a task sequence that contains the UIU task element.

The integration components have been modified to correct the issue.



Issue: UIU Plug-in Apply Failure



In some environments, when selecting apply in the UI Deployment Configuration task sequence element, the apply function causes an exception, resulting in a failed plug-in configuration.

The UIU plug-in apply process has been modified to handle errors properly and not throw an exception.



Issue: UIU Plug-in Install/Update Failure



In some SCCM environments, when installing or updating the UIU plug-in, some SCCM task sequences cannot be accessed by the UIUPM application when attempting to modify the task sequence with current UIU license key information, resulting in a failed plug-in installation.

The UIU plug-in installation/update process has been modified to not fail on error when processing task sequence UIU license key updates. It is advisable to review the log to determine which (if any) task sequences failed to update properly. A manual process can still be performed on the affected task sequences. Contact UIU Support for more information. Further development regarding this issue is ongoing.



Issue: "HTTPS ONLY" (Native Mode) Support



When SCCM has been configured to utilize "HTTPS ONLY" (Native Mode), the UIUPREP application running in WinPE fails to locate a UIU Repository Package with the UIU Deployment Configuration task sequence element configured for UIU Hybrid OS deployments.

Support for "HTTPS ONLY" (Native Mode) when using UIU Hybrid OS deployment configuration has been added. This solution requires UIUPREP.EXE v5.10.0.0 or newer. Please contact UIU Support for more information.

Technical Note: Big Bang does not recommend utilizing "HTTPS ONLY" as it encumbers OSD with additional layers of complexity without providing significant security benefits. Sufficient security is realized when using HTTP/HTTPS Mixed mode.




Issue: DNS Scavenging issues - Nomad



When UIUPREP calls Nomad PSR, which returns machine name, the subsequent DNS translation may provide an incorrect IP address in cases of DNS scavenging.

UIUPREP ( or newer) will now resolve the machine name provided by Nomad PSR and use the associated IP address when verifying a Nomad peer/cache and when downloading files.



Reminder: KNOWN ISSUE - WinPE 3.0 & 4.0 (x86 only)



Servicing older Windows PE media (3.x & 4.x) requires 32-bit specific binaries (DISM) which do not load under a 64-bit process, resulting in error conditions. Big Bang recommends that Windows PE version 10 be employed. Contact UIU Support for additional information.



Due to security upgrades, UIU License Keys with expiration dates ≥ Jan 1, 2020 will only be valid with the following product versions of the UIU (or newer):

UIU 5:
UIU Plug-in for SCCM: (incl. UIUSMS.DLL v2.2.1.0)
UIU Plug-in for MDT: (incl. UIUSMS.DLL v2.2.1.0)
UIU Classic Mode:

Note: Each of these products employ the UIUPREP executable and as such the version of UIUPREP.EXE must be ≥





Please refer to the UIU Plug-ins 2.0 - SCCM User Guides for detailed implementation and usage instructions.

The UIU Plug-ins 2.0 for SCCM version (or newer) also includes support for 1E Nomad/Active Efficiency. Please contact UIU Support for details.





The UIU Plug-ins 2.0 is a versatile solution that may be invoked though the standard SCCM Console interface via a task element (UIU Deployment Configuration) or directly through a Run Command Line task element. Furthermore, The UIU may be invoked manually from within a Windows PE session under the direction of UIU Support. Multiple modes of operation have been provided to accommodate environmental differences as well as policy/change control restrictions.





System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

In SCCM, integration consists of the inclusion of a uiusms.dll in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin" directory as well as the addition of necessary WMI classes (MOF) to support the UIU Plug-ins 2.0. If integration is not desired or permitted, an Administrator may launch the UIU Plug-ins 2.0 from a Run Command Line task element (with the correct arguments) to achieve a successful result. Furthermore, if an Administrator is not able to control the configuration of various SCCM Remote Console implementations (distribution of a single UIU dll file), the integration of the UIU Plug-ins 2.0 may prove to be problematic and utilizing the Run Command Line task element will alleviate those issues.

For more information on alternative methods of invoking the UIU Plug-ins 2.0, Please contact UIU Support.





IMP Files

This version of the UIU requires the use of UIU IMP files to establish a UIU Repository from locally existing files. If bandwidth allows, Big Bang recommends that the UIU Repository be established (and regularly updated) from Big Bang's Online Updates resources. UIU DAT files are not supported.

UIU Import files (*.IMP) contain required driver files, driver database(s) and UIU components which are used to populate a UIU Repository from which deployed target machines will draw necessary files during OS deployment Task Sequence executions. These files are used in conjunction with the UIUPM.





For assistance or questions, please contact us:

UIU Support







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