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December 31, 2019 - RELEASE
Includes UIU plug-in for MDT version
Includes UIUPrep version

This is an update of the UIUPM application ONLY.

Issue: UIU Plugins Load Failure (MDT 8450)

UIU Plug-ins 2.0 for MDT will no load on MDT 8450.

Code modified to accounbt for supported versions of MDT.

Issue: Clean Mountpoints

In situations when the media build process fails to complete the DISM mountpoints would not be cleaned up under certain conditions.

Code was modified to ensure proper and complete mountpoint cleanup.

Issue: Boot+ Crash

If no UIU databases (UDB's) are found in the current UIU Repository, the Boot+ operation crashes.

This now results in a descriptive error presented in the lower left dialog.

Issue: Custom Driver crash

Clicking "Custom Drivers" in the Repository Manager control could crash. (This occurred if the Repository was not internally initialized, (e.g. updating the Repository would cause it to be initialized internally, therefore clicking "Custom Drivers" after an update operation would work properly, but clicking it before could cause a crash.)

Code was modified to correct this condition.

Issue: Proxy Support

UIU proxy support has been overhauled. This new development should facilitate proxy support (address/port), and optionally, a username/password.

Issue: KNOWN ISSUE - WinPE 3.0 & 4.0 (x86 only)

Servicing older Windows PE media (3.x & 4.x) requires 32-bit specific binaries (DISM) which do not load under a 64-bit process, resulting in error conditions. Big Bang recommends that Winodw PE version 10 be employed. Contact UIU Support for additional information.

Due to security upgrades, UIU License Keys with expiration dates ≥ Jan 1, 2020 will only be valid with the following product versions of the UIU (or newer):

UIU 5:
UIU Plug-in for SCCM: (incl. UIUSMS.DLL v2.2.1.0)
UIU Plug-in for MDT: (incl. UIUSMS.DLL v2.2.1.0)
UIU Classic Mode:

Note: Each of these products employ the UIUPREP executable and as such the version of UIUPREP.EXE must be ≥

WARNING: The UIU Classic (4.x) Product will not function using UIU License Keys with expiration dates ≥ Jan 1, 2020

REMINDER: New Feature - Task Sequence UIU License Key Updating

The UIU plug-in updating feature has been upgraded to not only update the MDT plug-in within the framework of MDT (ts.xml), the service will also update the UIU license key within every MDT task sequence that contains the UIU Deployment Configuration element, requiring no Administrator interaction with MDT task sequences post-UIU updates.

Note: In previous versions of the UIU plug-in for MDT, after the plug-in had been updated using the UIU Plug-in Manager, each MDT task sequence that integrated the UIU Deployment Configuration element required an "Apply" event in order to use the UIUPM-updated UIU license key.

Supported MDT builds

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), build 8450 - 6.3.8450.1000
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), build 8456 - 6.3.8456.1000

To download Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), build 8456, click the following link:
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) v6.3.8456.1000

REMINDER: Requirements Change - .Net Framework Version Upgrade

The UIU Plug-ins 2.0 with MDT (as of UIU 2.2.2.x) now requires the .NET 4.6 Framework.


The UIU Plug-ins 2.0 is a direct, compulsory upgrade for the UIU plug-in for MDT (v1.x). Support and UIU DAT files for UIU plug-in for MDT (v1.x) will be deprecated on Feb 1, 2018.

All OS deployment task sequences should be thoroughly assessed for remnants of the UIU Machine Configuration element, (associated with the UIU v1.x product), prior to uninstalling the UIU v1.x product. Failure to remove UIU v1.x task sequence elements prior to uninstallation will result in unrecoverable MMC errors when requesting properties on those task sequences, rendering those task sequences unusable!

Please refer to the UIU Plug-ins 2.0 - MDT User Guides for detailed implementation and usage instructions.

The UIU Plug-ins 2.0 is a versatile solution that may be invoked though the standard MDT Deployment Workbench interface via a task element (UIU Deployment Configuration) or directly through a Run Command Line task element. Furthermore, The UIU may be invoked manually from within a Windows PE session under the direction of UIU Support. Multiple modes of operation have been provided to accommodate environmental differences as well as policy/change control restrictions.

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
In MDT, integration consists of the inclusion of a uiusms.dll in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\bin" directory as well as a modification (additional section appended) to the Actions.xml file in the same directory. If integration is not desired or permitted, an Administrator may launch the UIU Plug-ins 2.0 from a Run Command Line task element (with the correct arguments) to achieve a successful result.

For more information on alternative methods of invoking the UIU Plug-ins 2.0, Please contact UIU Support.

IMP Files

This version of the UIU requires the use of UIU IMP files to establish a UIU Repository from locally existing files. If bandwidth allows, Big Bang recommends that the UIU Repository be established (and regularly updated) from Big Bang's Online Updates resources. UIU DAT files are not supported.

UIU Import files (*.IMP) contain required driver files, driver database(s) and UIU components which are used to populate a UIU Repository from which deployed target machines will draw necessary files during OS deployment Task Sequence executions. These files are used in conjunction with the UIUPM.

For assistance or questions, please contact us:

UIU Support

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