Release Notes - Core Functionality Update Bookmark

December 27, 2019 - RELEASE
Includes UIUPrep version

This is an update of the UIUPREP application ONLY.

New Feature:  Fixed Disks Media Build

Wizards now consider fixed disks (excluding the System drive) in addition to removable disks as eligible for media creation paths in order to better accomodate larger media builds.

Issue:  KNOWN ISSUE - WinPE 3.0 & 4.0 (x86 only)

Servicing older Windows PE media (3.x & 4.x) requires 32-bit specific binaries (DISM) which do not load under a 64-bit process, resulting in error conditions. Big Bang recommends that Winodw PE version 10 be employed. Contact UIU Support for additional information.

Issue:  Media Creation Popup

When deploying media built using WinPE version 10, a pop-up dialog interrupts the process, disrupting the automated portion of the UIU5's constructed media.

Code was modified to prevent "Running on Windows 10 or later" dialog pop-up.

Issue:  UNC Path vs local mapped drives

When selecting the ellipsis to browse for a UIU path in any UIU 5 wizard, if the location is chosen from a locally mapped drive, target machines would not have access to the location, resulting in errors.

The path selection with now convert the selected location to a UNC path for proper access by target machines.

Issue:  Clean Mountpoints

In situations when the media build process fails to complete the DISM mountpoints would not be cleaned up under certain conditions.

Code was modified to ensure proper and complete mountpoint cleanup.

Issue:  Deplyment Settings control

Selecting "Use Latest Driver Database (Recommended)" was causing that literal string to be written to the registry as the SelectedUDBPath (instead of being empty).

Code was modified to correct this condition; note that users will need to refresh/make a new selection in UIU5 to see the changes take affect in their Registry.

Issue:  Boot+ Crash

If no UIU databases (UDB's) are found in the current UIU Repository, the Boot+ operation crashes.

This now results in a descriptive error presented in the lower left dialog.

Issue:  Custom Driver crash

Clicking "Custom Drivers" in the Repository Manager control could crash. (This occurred if the Repository was not internally initialized, (e.g. updating the Repository would cause it to be initialized internally, therefore clicking "Custom Drivers" after an update operation would work properly, but clicking it before could cause a crash.)

Code was modified to correct this condition.

Issue:  ADK Capture Timeout

A short pause was found to be necessary under certain conditions (on certain machines) in order to execute a DISM capture. Pinging localhost did ont always provide a sufficient delay.

ADK Basic Capture now performs a TIMEOUT for five seconds instead of pinging localhost to ensure proper execution of the DISM capture command.

Due to security upgrades, UIU License Keys with expiration dates ≥ Jan 1, 2020 will only be valid with the following product versions of the UIU (or newer):

UIU 5:
UIU Plug-in for SCCM: (incl. UIUSMS.DLL v2.2.1.0)
UIU Plug-in for MDT: (incl. UIUSMS.DLL v2.2.1.0)
UIU Classic Mode:

Note:  Each of these products employ the UIUPREP executable and as such the version of UIUPREP.EXE must be ≥

WARNING:  The UIU Classic (4.x) Product will not function using UIU License Keys with expiration dates ≥ Jan 1, 2020

Issue:  Microsoft ADK 1803

When employing ADK options in UIU with ADK 1803 installed on the UIU 5 Console machine, DISM commands fail to execute properly. This issue is under investigation.

When employing ADK options, please use an earlier version of Microsoft ADK on the console machine, (e.g. ADK 1709).

With ADK 1803 installed on the UIU 5 Console machine, a pop-up window stating "Using Windows 10 or later" will be presented. Selecting the "OK" button will allow the ADK process to proceed. Alternatively for unattended operations, an earlier version of ADK should be employed, (e.g. ADK 1709).

REMINDER - Requirements Change - .Net Framework Version Upgrade

The UIU 5 (as of UIU 5.7.x.x) now requires the .NET 4.6 Framework.

REMINDER - The UIU 5 (version and newer) no longer employs driver.dat files for installation and manual updates.

This (and future) versions will require Driver.imp files (e.g. DB170411-p5460.imp) for those operations. Online UIU 5 Updates will be unaffected..

REMINDER - UIU Log File Location CHANGE!

On deployed machines only, the Log folder & UIU data folder have been migrated from Program Files to ProgramData.

UIU log files on deployed machines are now located under the ProgramData\UIU directory. Additionally, resources needed by each application are extracted/placed in the ProgramData\UIU\bin directory (temporarily). Program Files is no longer used for any resources or logs.

NOTE: The UIU 5 Installation log files are also now located in ProgramData\UIU; other install files remain in Program Files.

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