Release Notes

DB-19-10-03 Driver Database Update Bookmark

October 3, 2019

Driver DB Amendments:

Customer-requested drivers since September 25, 2019 Release.

Drivers Affected:

See Attached: UIU DB-19-10-03 Drivers.pdf

Make and Models Affected:

See Attached: Make-Model DB-19-10-03.pdf

Issue: Contacted Smart Card Reader

Driver Bang on Contacted Smart Card Reader.

Inclusion of a Windows 7-based driver appears to interfere. That driver has been removed from Windows 8.1 & 10 OS Support.


The full driver database exceeds 31Gb in size (31.8 Gb IMP). Please follow the guidelines below for optimal performance. This database release still covers Windows 7 through Windows 10 (32/64bit).

USB Flash drives need to be formatted with the NTFS file system before the driver database will successfully transfer. Network share access is recommended.

Support Reminder:

The Big Bang Support Team would like to remind our customers to please clear out any drivers represented in the Custom folder(s) prior to testing with a new version of the UIU Driver Database as neglecting to do so may result in false negative installations.  Please contact a Support Representative with questions or concerns. Thank you!

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