Release Notes - UIU Plug-ins 2.0 with SCCM - Core Functionality Update Bookmark

October 18, 2022 - RELEASE
Includes UIU plug-in for SCCM version
Includes UIUPrep version

This is an update of the UIUPREP application ONLY.

Issue: Nomad Content Location Request Failure

UIU fails to locate content after receiving a Nomad cache location from a local subnet query whose machine(s) were not on or available to provide content even though content is available on an external subnet.

Modified the content location request logic to include external subnet nomad caches in the initial content location lookup process in addition to local subnet locations.

Reminder: NEW FEATURE: Enhanced UIU Logging

UIUPrep now logs to \ProgramData\UIU\UIU.cmtl.log in addition to the standard UIUPrep log file, in Configuration Manager Trace Log (CMTL) format.This log is a duplication of the standard UIU log while migration to CMTL format is in progress.

Reminder: New Feature: 1E Nomad Tachyon Support


The UIUPrep application now supports leveraging 1E's Tachyon platform to locate UIU repository cache location(s) that are distributed to a Nomad, Single-Site Download peer-to-peer environment. Please contact UIU Support about implementation of this new feature.

Known Issue: Command Line Interface Updating issue

When using the CLI feature of the UIUPM application to perform updates against a repository, the updates may not complete fully.

Development to alleviate this issue is ongoing. Contact UIU Support for more information about work-arounds.

Please refer to the UIU Plug-ins 2.0 - SCCM User Guides for detailed implementation and usage instructions.

For assistance or questions, please contact us:

UIU Support

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