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    With the UIU, ONE is no longer the loneliest number.
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    Big Bang now offers expert IT Consulting for all your Information Technology and Management needs.
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    The UIU now utilizes post-deployment technology for faster, cleaner, easier deployments. Find out how you can make the most of the new UIU technology.
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    The UIU for SMB easily captures and deploys a single OS image to any laptop or desktop for organization with fewer than 100 PCs.

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What is Big Bang LLC?

Since 2001, Big Bang LLC has been helping their clients make the process of cloning and deploying hard drive images so much more efficient. They began as Symantec Ghost Trainers (actually trained the trainers from Symantec), and from those Ghost training courses, sought to answer the one question their attendees kept asking, "How can I create ONE hard drive image that will work on every PC?" Big Bang's answer was the Universal Imaging Utility, No matter what cloning and deployment solution you use in your environment, be it SCCM, MDT, Ghost, ImageX/DISM, Altiris, Acronis, etc, Big Bang is the only company able to help you deliver a hardware independent Windows OS image that will work on any laptop or desktop regardless of manufacturer or model.

New IT Consulting from Big Bang LLC

Big Bang is pleased to have two expert IT Consultants join our team. With nearly 50 years of combined experience, our consultants will focus on your specific needs and create a customized solution for items including Virtualization, Infrastucture Assessment, Microsoft Exchange, Enterprise Management, Process Consulting and End User/Phsyical Technologies, and more. Contact us to speak directly with our consultants so they can use their expertise to help you succeed.

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Universal Imaging Utility

The Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) works in conjunction with any existing Windows OS imaging and deployment solution such as SCCM, MDT, Ghost, ImageX/DISM, Altiris, Acronis, etc., to deliver a hardware-independent PC image to any laptop or desktop in your environment regardless of manufacturer or model. No more hunting for drivers. No more packaging drivers for deployment. Ever.

Automate Driver Management for your organization today.

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